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Sustainable Property Development
Project Management - Land Use Consultant

Welcome to Dan Bowen Consulting Services Ltd. (DBCS)

When it comes to land issues, land questions or any kind of land development,
it is hard to beat 35 years of experience

"Every project I start presents challenges that appear difficult, however with my experience
and knowledge, I have been able to resolve the issues and complete the project
" - Dan Bowen

DBCS has extensive experience and knowledge in the field of land development and project management..

With over 35 years of working both in the public and private sector, Dan and his team cover all phases of the development process – from the pre-assessment evaluation, application process, preliminary approval stage, construction phase to the final approval of zoning or subdivision.

With a focus on a principle-based sustainable development process DBCS
services include:

  • Land use assessment to determine feasibility for future development potential.

  • Rezoning application assessments and the formal rezoning application process.

  • Subdivision applications of all sizes from 2 lot applications to 50 lot applications, lot line changes and land use issues in the Agricultural Land Reserve.

  • Transportation management and access assessments.
  • Sustainable development land assessments and reports.
  • Crown Land leases, tenure for specific permission and licences

  • Aquaculture, marine environment and tenure applications.